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30687 Southfield Rd.
Southfield, MI 48076
Phone: (248) 203-2460
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Monday:10AM - 7PM
Tuesday:  8AM - 9PM
Wednesday:  8AM - 9PM
Thursday:  8AM - 9PM
Friday:  8AM - 7PM
Saturday:  8AM - 5PM
Sunday:  Closed
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Detoxifying Herbal Body Wrap
detoxifying herbal body wrap

Our deep detoxifying body wrap reduces tension and stress and helps you feel refreshed. We create a customized herbal solution, based on your needs, that slow-cooks until your arrival. We then dip soft cloth into this blend of herbs, sea weed, and minerals and wrap it around your body. Special blends can be created for healing, detoxification, weight loss, relaxation, stimulation, pain reduction, tension release, or to encourage better sleep.

2.5 hours
Cellulite Reduction Treatment

This wonderful experience begins with a hot pack of herbs and minerals placed on cellulite-prone areas to help soften the skin and open the pores for drainage. After a deep vacuum treatment, we use an ultrasonic machine to help flatten bumpy areas and penetrate anti-cellulite products. A fatty-cell-destroying laser treatment completes.

60 min
Rejuvenating Salt or Sugar Glow

We use a customized aroma therapeutic mineral treatment to exfoliate and hydrate your body. A blend of essential carrier oils is mixed with either Dead Sea salts, to detoxify your skin, or organic sugars, which provide nourishment and moisture.

60 min
Laser Scalp Treatment w/ Quantum Brush

This relaxing, corrective treatment helps increase circulation, heal scalp irregularities, and prevent hair loss. The Quantum Brush stimulates hair growth, and is helpful with conditions such as dandruff, eczema, psoriasis, and dry scalp. A custom combination of herbal infusions is applied, and massaged into your scalp.

45 min . . . . . . . . . . $100